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Peter F. Lindborg                                                          Irina J. Mazor


Irina Mazor and Peter Lindborg announce the following speaking engagements and networking opportunities to further our commitment to the clients of Lindborg & Mazor LLP:



November 2024Dubai
June 6, 2024Stockholm
November 2023Tokyo
May 17-20, 2023Frankfurt
November 10-12, 2022Montevideo
May 26-28, 2022London
October 14-16, 2021Madrid
October 24-26, 2019Kuala Lumpur
May 16-18, 2019Amsterdam
May 7-10, 2018Mexico City
May 17-19, 2018Lisbon
October 19-21, 2017Beijing
May 11-13, 2017Luxembourg



September 27, 2023Solving Problems During the Construction Process. Sponsored by HalfMoon Education, Inc.
April 10, 2023Change Orders 101. SCGMA/WPCCA
December 16, 2022Federal Construction Contract Administration and Management. Sponsored by HalfMoon Education, Inc.
August 23, 2022Construction Contracts Workshop. Sponsored by HalfMoon Education, Inc.
June 29, 2022OSHA Violations in Construction. Presented on
November 19, 2021Managing Engineering Liability and Risk in California. Sponsored by HalfMoon Education, Inc.
September 14, 2021Getting Paid on Construction Claims in California. Presented on
April 9, 2020Terminations For Convenience And Project Suspensions in The Age Of COVID-19, presented on
January 21, 2020Change Orders: When A Project Doesn't Go According To Plan
November 14, 2019Construction Contract Formation, Administration, and Litigation         
Santa Barbara, CA


The attorneys at Lindborg & Mazor LLP are also frequently asked to conduct in-house training and seminars for our clients.


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