Public Works & Contracting Law

Public Works & Contracting Law

The attorneys of Lindborg & Mazor LLP are expert in dealing with the specialized needs of our public entity clients and those private sector clients who enter into contracts with governmental agencies. 

Lindborg & Mazor LLP offers public entities a full range of services including providing consultations regarding program and project delivery systems, drafting requests for proposals and invitations to bid, developing integrated families of contract documents in compliance with the often- daunting maze of statutes and regulations governing public procurement and defending pre and post-award bid protests. Once a program or a project is underway, Lindborg & Mazor LLP's attorneys assist our public entity or contractor clients with the myriad issues which can and do arise, including subcontractor substitution issues, material substitution requests, change order evaluation and negotiation and other project administration issues.  

When claims arise, we work with our clients' personnel to efficiently analyze the relevant facts and to assist them in resolving the claims in the most efficient manner possible.  In so doing, we often use many of the contractually available or mandated alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as partnering, project neutrals, dispute review boards and traditional mediation. Our experience has taught us that the vast majority of claims can be resolved through early involvement in a project and the skillful application of claims mitigation processes.

Should these avenues fail or be unavailable, Lindborg & Mazor LLP's attorneys have vast experience in representing public agencies in the traditional dispute resolution arenas of federal and state courts and a variety of arbitration panels. Just as important, the lawyers of Lindborg & Mazor LLP have frequently represented public entities in matters involving contractor integrity issues unique to the area of public contracting, including prosecution and defense of False Claims Act cases and various administrative proceedings such as cost audits, suspensions and debarments. 

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