Commercial & Business Law

Commercial & Business Law

Inter-party transactions and the contracts that solidify newly formed and established commercial relationships form the backbone of all business.   Managing those business relationships is the key to your organization's success.  Lindborg & Mazor LLP can help ensure successful results for your company. Lindborg & Mazor LLP has extensive experience in all types of business and commercial transactions including: 


  • Commercial Leases and Lessor/Lessee disputes; 
  • Formation and maintenance of foreign and domestic business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and joint ventures; 
  • Credit Facilities, Debt Restructuring and other financing vehicles; 
  • Secured transactions and related matters; credit agreements, and commercial paper 

Our firm also regularly represents clients in all forms of commercial and business litigation, including: 

  • Collection and recovery rights and remedies, including prejudgment writs of attachment, replevin (claim and delivery), repossession, and involuntary bankruptcy proceedings. 
  • Construction-related rights protection and enforcement on both public and private construction projects, including mechanics lien foreclosures, stop notice and payment bond enforcement and work stoppage remedies. 
  • Enforcing and defending business tort claims, including fraud, anti- competitive practices, RICO, trade secret claims, and non- competition agreements. 
  • Enforcing and defending creditor's bankruptcy claims, including relief from the automatic stay, priority disputes, preferential payment claims, non-dischargab ility actions and bankruptcy dismissals. 

Lindborg & Mazor LLP's broad-based business experience enables our attorneys to assist clients in meeting their practical business needs.  Our clients routinely seek our assistance with a wide range of issues that confront their businesses, including insurance, suretyship, real property leases, purchases, rental and lease contracts and the drafting and administration of a wide variety of contracts.  Our vast resources are available to the clients of Lindborg & Mazor LLP to assist them with all of their needs.  

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